Midnight Hours placed 2nd in the OWFI manuscript category Mystery/Suspense/Thriller. The competition was entered January before publication in June.

From other authors:

"Midnight Hours is a fast paced tale of serial murders and asks questions about when the victim becomes the predator and vice versa. I gobbled it up in a single afternoon."

~Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

(the winner of the Nebula Award for her novel The Healer's War and author of several fantasy novels. She and Anne McCaffrey co-authored nine novels)

"Without doubt, this is one for the crime fiction aficionados, a book that cries out to be read, and one which I found very hard to put down once I’d begun.  A great read, tension personified, wonderfully written!"

~Brian L Porter

(author, A Study in Red – The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper, Avenue of the Dead’, Purple Death, and the award-winning The Nemesis Cell.)

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