I haven't written in my journal lately because I haven't had anything to report -- except frustration and aggravation.

We find more "accidental" deaths followed by a Norma Fields receiving a huge accidental life benefit, but we don't find her.

One dead end after another. A killer on the loose who wants me on her list of victims.


This woman is driving me nuts. It took months before Midnight told me her real name is Norma Fields, but she won’t give me any more details. I’ve told her practically everything there is to know about me, including the fact I can’t walk.

This game of hers of not sharing is beginning to bore me a bit. It was fun for a while, kept me from thinking about myself so much. Maybe it’s time for me to find something else as an escape mechanism.

It’s nearly midnight. I’ll try again to persuade her to tell me about herself, maybe where she lives.