So far, we've moved forward -- not at all.  More and more questions with no answers. Who is Midnight? Who is JR? Is he really dead or not? Who is J.R. Olson? Who? Who? Who?

One good thing has come from this impossible puzzle -- Lisa. I think I may actually ... no, too soon to think along those lines.


I haven't written in my journal lately because I haven't had anything to report -- except frustration and aggravation.

We find more "accidental" deaths followed by a Norma Fields receiving a huge accidental life benefit, but we don't find her.

One dead end after another. A killer on the loose who wants me on her list of victims.


Keeping Midnight interested, without showing my distrust and disgust, is becoming harder and harder. She's now the one pressing for us to meet. Ironic, isn't it? I tried for months to get her to meet me, and now that I need more time, she becomes anxious.

Midnight's latest surprise - she called me. Yes, an actual phone call. Her voice is husky, but sexy in a way. I couldn't believe she's coming out of hiding after all this time. I wonder why now?

I had the department put a tap on my phone in case she called again. One more lead to follow.

Where are you Midnight/Norma Fields? What are you?