Tulsa, Oklahoma (UP) Businessman Thomas O'Hern was found under his rolled BMW yesterday. The sheriff's deputies investigating the accident said that no one knows why O'Hern drove to that part of rural Tulsa County.

No skid marks were found at the scene. Apparently the car was traveling at a high rate of speed when it failed to navigate a sharp turn. The BM rolled, crushing O'Hern under the vehicle.


Dallas (AP) - The accidental death of Max Nomes, well known high school football coach, has shocked the community. Known as a tee-totaler, friends and family members insist the findings of investigators was wrong. Nomes was found behind the wheel of his especially adapted car wrapped around a tree. His blood alcohol level 1.8.

Nomes was confined to a wheel chair ever since an accient three years ago. Still the coach roamed the sidelines of every home football game, cheering for his former team.


Tulsa, Oklahoma - A groom discovered the body of local horse breeder Thomas Swell beside the stall of one of his quarter horses yesterday morning.

Apparently, one of the man's crutches slipped, and he fell hitting his head on a large stone used to prop the barn door open. Police found a folded copy of a photograph of an unknown woman in his pocket.

The Medical Examiner estimates Swell died about three to six hours before the body was found

The death has been declared an accident since police found no suspicious circumstances.