Topeka (AP) - Three deaths of disabled men in the area have authorities concerned. A rash of the accidental deaths of three men in Topeka and another three in Wichita have law enforcement wondering.

One theory is the men made pacts to end their lives. However, no connection between them can be found.

Investigation hasn't found any suspicious circumstances, just questions as to why six
men all died within four days.


Tulsa, Oklahoma - A groom discovered the body of local horse breeder Thomas Swell beside the stall of one of his quarter horses yesterday morning.

Apparently, one of the man's crutches slipped, and he fell hitting his head on a large stone used to prop the barn door open. Police found a folded copy of a photograph of an unknown woman in his pocket.

The Medical Examiner estimates Swell died about three to six hours before the body was found

The death has been declared an accident since police found no suspicious circumstances.


Oklahoma City –  Security guards at the Regency Hotel discovered the body of Steven Youngs in the atrium at six o’clock this morning.

Apparently, the man went over the balcony of his room on the eighth floor.

No witnesses could be found. The man had been dead for six to eight hours. How he managed to lift himself from his wheel chair and over the high railing is unknown.